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This is an archived site and is no longer maintained.

NEESgrid 2.2 System Documentation

Admin Guides

NEESgrid 2.2 Installation Documentation [HTML]
Instructions and download links for the NEESgrid 2.2 components are included.

Installing the NEESgrid Data Acquisition Code [PDF]
v1.1, 02-23-2004 Paul Hubbard
This document is intended for NEESgrid sites wishing to install the supplied code for data acquisition (DAQ) and data handling. It covers getting the code, installation, testing and some ideas for site customization. `

Data and Metadata Management

NFMS Reference Manual: Release 2.0 - TR2003-19 [PDF]
v1.0, 10-06-2003 Jeff Gaynor, Joe Futrelle
This reference manual describes the 2.0 release of NEESgrid File Management Service (NFMS). NFMS provides clients with the ability to locate files independently of how and where they are stored, as well as the ability to negotiate transactions with storage systems. The manual is geared toward programmers who are developing clients that use NFMS to manage files, and describes classes, constructors, methods, and constants.

NFMS User Guide - TR2003-18 [PDF]
v1.0, 10-06-2003 Jeff Gaynor, Joe Futrelle
This user guide describes the 2.0 release of NEESgrid File Management Service (NFMS). NFMS provides clients with the ability to locate files independently of how and where they are stored, as well as the ability to negotiate transactions with storage systems. This manual is geared toward users wishing to write an NFMS application and shows how to implement the class NFMSFacade to carry out important tasks, thereby reducing the amount of manual coding done by the user. A guide to performing these tasks manually is also included, along with examples demonstrating both processes and a glossary of terms.

NMDS Reference User Guide - TR2003-21 [PDF]
v1.0, 10-06-2003 Joe Futrelle
The NEESgrid metadata service (NMDS) API provides a means for creating, managing, retrieving, and modifying metadata objects in a NEESgrid repository. This document describes the NEESgrid repository object model, gives an overview of the NMDS API, and demonstrates each major capability of the NMDS API with code examples. This document describes the NMDS API as of NEESgrid release 2.0.

Overview of NEESML - TR-2003-12 [PDF]
v1.0, 06-17-2003 Joe Futrelle
NEESML is an XML format for defining NEES metadata schemas and uploading metadata objects into the NEES metadata repository. NEESML provides a syntax for defining object types, object attributes, and relationships between object types, including inheritance. It also provides a means for creating instances of object types, including the ability to link objects together in a variety of ways. The purpose of the type definition and instantiation mechanisms is to allow users to describe real-world objects of interest to them in order to enable browsing and retrieval of data and information within and across sites. This paper describes NEESML and gives examples of its use, but does not include a comprehensive reference for the format.

NEESML Reference User Guide - TR-2003-15 [PDF]
v0.5, 08-05-2003 Joe Futrelle
The NEESML Reference User Guide provides a comprehensive reference manual for the NEESML language, which is used to populate a NEESgrid metadata repository with objects and definitions of object types. The User Guide specifies the syntax for NEESML documents, describes the meaning of every NEESML construct, and explains how NEESML may be extended. A glossary of NEESML-specific terms is included.

NEES Teleoperation Control Protocol

NTCP Control Plugin Documentation - TR-2004-03 [PDF]
v0.4, 02-18-2004 Joseph Bester
This document describes the C language interface for the NTCP Control Plugin described in the Control Plugin Description (DRAFT). The audience of this document are people who are interested in implementing native c-language control plugins for the NTCP server. This document describes the general requirements of a plugin, the functions which must be implemented by a plugin, and the API available for the plugin to interact with the NEES server.

NTCP Sample Plugin Documentation - TR-2004-02 [PDF]
v0.4, 02-18-2004 Joseph Bester
This document describes an example C language plugin for the NEESgrid NTCP server. This plugin will accept and execute any transaction proposal, with executing running for 30 seconds. Executing transactions may be cancelled by a NTCP client if desired. The purpose of this sample plugin is to show how to implement a plugin which accesses control point data and processes the various plugin requests as well as show how to compile a plugin module on linux and windows.

NEESgrid Teleoperation Control Protocol (NTCP) - TR-2003-07 [PDF]
v0.4, 09-04-2003 Laura Pearlman, Mike D'Arcy, Erik Johnson, Carl Kesselman, Pawel Plaszczak
This report describes the architecture and specifies the protocols for proposing and executing remote control operations through the NEES Teleoperation Control Protocol. NTCP is particularly useful for multi-site distributed experiments which combine both computational and physical simulations. The document describes how the NTCP server and protocol perform in the context of the experimental framework and details how the NTCP server interacts with the coordinating simulation (or other client) during each of the three phases enacted during each timestep of the simulation; what kinds of information is maintained by the NTCP server, and the various requests that comprise the NTCP protocol. Security considerations and issues are discussed, as are future modifications and improvements. Finally, two appendices explain A.) how a community scheduler using the SNAP protocol could be used with NTCP to manage NEES resources and B.) give the full WSDL description of NTCP.

NEESgrid NTCP C Client API - TR-2003-07 [PDF]
v1.0, 06-04-2006 Sam Lang
The NEES NTCP API is a client side library used to write C programs that can interact with an NTCP server. The client API provides full functionality for each of the NTCP operations defined by the NTCP schema, as well as querying service data and receiving notifications on state changes.

NTCP Control Plugin - TR-2003-16 [PDF]
v0.1, 09-10-2003 Laura Pearlman, Mike D'Arcy, Pawel Plaszczak, Carl Kesselman
The NEESgrid Teleoperations Control Protocol (NTCP) is used to perform remote control of physical experiments or simulations. An NTCP control plugin is a java class that implements the interface described in this document to communicate with a control system (or simulated control system). This document describes the current NCSA implementation of the NTCP control plugin, including methods defined in the NTCP control plugin interface, object types passed in as arguments to the methods in the control plugin interface, and example servers that could be implemented using this plugin architecture.

NtcpHelper Reference - TR2003-20 [PDF]
v0.4, 10-06-2003
This document is a reference manual for NtcpHelper, the NTCP client API, which provides an interface to the NTCP server. The guide provides descriptions of all NtcpHelper functions and example syntax, as well as functions and syntax of other classes related to NtcpHelper.


NSDS Java API - TR-2003-14 [PDF]
v0.1, 06-26-2003 Gaurang Mehta
This draft document provides detailed component descriptions in list form for the NSDS web service interface and the driver interface/API. It also describes the NSDS defaults.
(Originally titled NSDS System Architecture.)

Protocol Specification for the NSDS, Driver, and DAQ: TR2003-04 [PDF]
v1.1.2, 09-02-2003 Paul Hubbard
This document explains the interactions between the NSDS, driver, and DAQ for the purposes of debugging, replacing the driver or DAQ code, or customizing the DAQ code. In addition to describing in detail the various components that constitute this system, the document also explains protocols and formats associated with data and control channels and data files, as well as error handling and syntax, and provides examples for each. Tools for testing components that have been debugged or replaced are also discussed. This document provides a minor correction to 1.1, which in turn superseded NEESgrid Technical Report 2003-04, version 1.0.



This is an archived site and is no longer maintained. There will be no further updates to this site. Current information can be found at